Friday, April 18, 2008

Mostly confidence
a little audacity
You wouldn't think
it'd take that
to make love to my husband.
After a toddler
and two years of opposing schedules
it takes a little more
a single horny moment.
We lost track of
one another's sleep pattern:
where once we woke together
mid the night,
making love through dreams,
we now wake and wonder
if we've ended up in the same bed.
In the mornings, we'd have slept
deeply enough
to give another hour
to each other's body.
It's hard to believe
when just this morning
our toddler's learned to say
"wake up papa, mama," climbing in
as we grasp for one more
moment of sleep.
So it takes a little courage,
after I've said goodnight
and gone to bed,
to reemerge without my winter robe
in undies that tie on the sides
that somehow survived the
post maternity closet overhaul.
Audacious to assume that
my husband
might have
the energy, let alone desire,
to rise from the couch,
and meet me.
And yet there we meet.
Exhausted, yes.
But hungry still,
knowing that if we don't
this moment,
the sleep won't help anyway.
Not tonight.

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