Monday, April 21, 2008

Everyday is a revolution,
everything I knew
to be True
just yesterday.
And at least I know now
to hold loosely
to this day,
as tomorrow
will change me again.
I am part of
this revolution, every part.
And yet I am
just a part
of this revolution.
I do not own this one.
It is not mine.
This is a revolution of Grace,
and not just Grace.
It is God's
and goddess'
and my own Mom's.
I am part and just a part
of Life's Great Revolution.
It brings days of
fighting loudly,
and loving deeply,
crazy anger and angst,
peaceful understanding,
and Wisdom.
"life's longing for itself"
brings on
the uprooting of our identities
the outpouring of,
of everything,
everything we have understood
before we gave life
to the world.
And in each day,
with each sunrise,
and even on grey winter days,
The Revolution begins again.
We begin again.
As I hold loosely to Grace
to my Self,
poured out,
I begin again today
more at peace
with my gods and goddesses,
my mother,
my child,
and my Self.
This is my revolution.

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